Friday, October 15, 2010

Steve Cooley for Attorney General (of the United States?)

Here is an interesting concept. Steve Cooley for Attorney General of the United States?
Follow my lead here.....

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley is currently running for Attorney General of the State of California. Cooley is doing very well in the election. He blew away all his opponents early in the primary, and he is currently leading opponent Kamala Harris in the nearly every poll being taken.

Cooley is a Republican, and is generally seen as being tougher on crime than his lightweight Democratic counterpart, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris. Harris is against the death penalty.

This startling revelation was a body blow to the Harris campaign. It is unlikely that someone who wants to be the top prosecutor in California would be able to earn the trust of voters after it is revealed that she couldn't even keep criminal illegals out of a government jobs program that she ran herself.

Harris is also seen as being soft on crime because of the murders of the Bologna family. Murders that occurred because of the liberal politics of San Francisco and its status as a "Sanctuary City". The perpetrator, Edwin Ramos, was an illegal immigrant who should have been deported... except for the liberal policies of San Francisco... which allowed Ramos to stay and gun down three members of the Bologna family during a road rage incident in 2008. Ramos had been convicted of felonies in 2003 and 2004 but was not turned over for deportation.

So how does this make Steve Cooley the next Attorney General of the United States? Well...

Cooley is about to win the AG election here in California, a very prominent state.
As District Attorney, Steve Cooley really showed his stuff when he had Richard "Fredo" Alarcon indicted for voter registration fraud.
He continued to impress the voting public when he deposited the criminal embezzlers of the City of Bell neatly behind bars. It was an arrest that I had called for myself.

His next act? The arrest and prosecution of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for "Ticketgate".
I will admit that there are "whispers" of this possibly happening, (and I am one of those whispering the loudest!)
Why do I think this will happen? Several reasons...

As a new Attorney General starting a four year term, Steve Cooley has the chance to really distinguish himself from other big prosecutors. If he were to take down the sitting Mayor of the second largest city in America, he would practically be Superman in the law enforcement community, not to mention a legend in the Republican Party.

Steve Cooley is worried about the appearance of these things being "too political" for his own good...but hey... Villaraigosa committed the crimes... and most people in Los Angeles would have no problem with Villaraigosa "doing the time" part of the equation. In fact, there are rampant rumors coming out of City Hall that many of the sitting City Council Members secretly hope for this to happen. It would move up the time frame for the next Mayoral election. It would become a special election, helping the Council Members (who are already scheming) and harming those who were better prepared to wait for 2013.

Barack Obama is doomed to fail in the 2012 election because his Socialist ideology does not create jobs, it only creates pain. Voters will punish him for his incompetence in 2012 and elect a Republican President.
A new President will be looking for a new Attorney General. Should Cooley choose to arrest and prosecute Villaraigosa, he will have a long and impressive list of deposed, corrupt political figures on his resumé.
He would be a top choice for Attorney General of the United States in 2012.

Will Steve Cooley listen to me? Who knows?
My open campaigning for the arrest of Alarcon and the City of Bell officials certainly didn't hurt.

The arrest and prosecution of Antonio Villaraigosa is another long term goal of mine, and with a little luck and some hard work, it may just become a reality.