Friday, October 1, 2010

A Dingbat RINO, a Nanny, and a Media Clown

Well, what else can I say about this story?

Meg Whitman has screwed California Republicans yet again.

Now news is leaking out that Whitman employed a nanny who was an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Not only that, but she fired the nanny when she found out about her illegal immigration status.
And again, this is something the $110 million dollar candidate and her handlers should have known was clearly an issue that might energize the left. But did Whitman come clean early and get it out of the way? Hell no.

Now media clown Gloria Allred is involved, claiming that nanny Nikki Diaz Santillian "suffered" under the tyranny of Meg Whitman, getting $23 an hour to work in her home.

This is clearly a political move by Allred, who should be reported to the State Bar for not disclosing that she is working for Jerry Brown's campaign.

The question here is... if this woman suffered so much, then why did she work for Meg Whitman for nearly a decade? The only part of it that she didn't care for was the status of not having a job anymore.