Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Christine O'Donnell for US Senate!

I'm proud to announce on my blog today that I am endorsing Christine O'Donnell for the U.S. Senate seat in Delaware. In fact, I plan on donating to her campaign by the end of the week.

Liberals and the media have had great fun beating up on Christine O"Donnell, because they are misogynists -- they hate women. The very idea of Christine O'Donnell in the US Senate makes them apoplectic.

TV show host Bill Maher seems to have made it a point of his to try to personally destroy Christine O'Donnell in order to boost ratings on his talk show. He has been dragging out old video clips from the 1990s to ridicule O'Donnell for some of the odd things she had said before she became a political candidate. I find Mahers attitude hateful, and his commentary towards O'Donnell is juvenile, spiteful and beneath contempt.

I will be the first to admit that O'Donnell is a bit colorful. She is certainly not your average career politician.
I mean, come on... when was the last time you saw a politician put out a commercial denying that she is a witch? If you were a late night talk show host, that is comedy gold. I didn't like this commercial and I don't care for the "I'm You" stuff. She should be beating up on her opponent about his attraction to Obama's Socialist ways.

If she was going to bring up the witch comments, she should have used this cute ad that someone else designed for her, based on the old TV series "Bewitched". I think it's better than her current ads.

Liberals have many reasons to fear Christine O'Donnell. The number one reason is that she is tough.
Unbeknownst to most media pundits, O'Donnell has actually already run for the US Senate as the GOP candidate in Delaware. She ran against Joe Biden in 2008 and lost, 65-35.
She decided to take on a man who hadn't lost an election in 30 years.
That shows courage and conviction to me. That's why I like her.
She believed in herself when others didn't.

The reason the liberals are flipping out right now is that her 35% in 2008 might grow to 51%, when you calculate in the average American and their dislike for current government policies. Tea Party activism will get her past the 40% mark. And voters in Delaware will have to take it from there.

Don't be surprised to watch election returns on November 2nd and see her win her election.

The behavior from the left might possibly backfire. Their hatred and vitriol towards her is not going unnoticed.
It's never impressive to pick on a girl. But Christine should thank them.

Christine O'Donnell has never won an election, but the liberals, along with their supporters in the media, are making her one of the most famous political figures in America.