Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The First Rule of Mike Gatto

Well, I mentioned a few months ago on this blog that State Assemblyman Mike Gatto might be going after Michael Higby and his Mayor Sam blog. Of course, I was just guessing at the time.

I don't know what to make of this next part.... except that there is no longer any guessing being done.

Assemblyman Gatto, most likely offended by his negative coverage on the Mayor Sam blog, has had his attorneys contact blogger Michael Higby and issue a "cease and desist" order. I don't think it has anything to do with what Higby has specifically said, but I think it has to do with some rather one-sided slams coming from blogger Scott Johnson (a.k.a. Red Spot in CD 14).

One defense against slander and libel accusations is that the truth is the ultimate defense. But I can't be sure that every word Red Spot has said about Gatto is the truth. Maybe Red Spot should have labelled his comments as "my opinion".

Regardless, I think this behavior is very poor on Gatto's part. He's a sitting State Assembly member. He is bound to receive unflattering comments about himself in the media. Part of being a public official is that you have to be willing to take abuse from disgruntled voters who aren't happy about a wide variety of issues.
If you can't handle criticism from cranky people, politics is not the right career field for you.

I don't think anything said about Gatto on Mayor Sams blog was any more harsh or critical than anything that they say about anyone else. Mayor Villaraigosa and most of the City Council Members have a lot more to complain about than Mike Gatto. (Hell, I'm not even elected to anything yet and Gatto does not receive half of the abuse I take on the internet.)

I don't like that Higby caved to Gattos lawyers and deleted all references to Gatto on the blog.
Higbys Mayor Sam has been one of the hardest hitting investigative/exposé blogs about City government.
It is read by thousands and cross referenced by thousands more.
Mayor Sams blog has helped launch careers - and it has helped destroy them, also.
We expect more from Mayor Sam. Higby should have told Gattos lawyer creeps to get lost.

Instead, we get the Mike Gatto Lawyers Fight Club squelching free speech and free press.

"The first rule of Mike Gatto....... is that you do not talk about Mike Gatto!!"