Saturday, October 23, 2010

Time for the "pretenders" to call it a day

Here is a funny blog from another political viewpoint.

I don't agree with everything they have to say, but some of the commentary is very funny.

I find it hilarious that they described Carlos Alvarez (my former opponent in the 2009 Mayoral election) as a "Gay Socialist."

I am writing this blog today to say that the four other candidates for Governor need to give up and endorse one of the two main candidates. I dislike Meg Whitman, but not nearly as much as I hate Jerry Brown. Because of the selfishness of these unknown, irrelevant candidates, we are facing a possibility of Governor Moonbeam, Part 2.

Now, as Resident Obama says "let me be clear".
I am in no way, shape or form against these people running for office.
I actually think it is great. But the time for kiddie games is over.
This is the "big boys" election, and the other four candidates are just bystanders.

They might have some good ideas, but Meg Whitman spent over $100 million on this election.
She dominated advertising and most people in California know who she is now.
The other four could remain anonymous in any crowded elevator.

Carlos Alvarez, the gay Socialist, cannot win. He is wasting everyones time just by being involved.
However, he now gets to tell people that he finished in the top 6 while running for Governor of California in 2010. Unfortunately for humanity, that will encourage him to run again.

Chelene Nightingale is an interesting choice. She's more Conservative than Meg Whitman, but like Carlos Alvarez, she doesn't have any real money and will finish far behind the top two on November 2nd.

I will lump Libertarian Dale Ogden and Green Party candidate Laura Wells together.
They might have a few good ideas, but again , Whitman spent over $100 million and Jerry Brown will probably spend upwards of $80 million on this election.

The other 4 didn't spend money, didn't get their name out, and will finish extremely poorly.

The best thing they can do now is to get their voters to support one of the the main two candidates.

(Where is Judy Price when you need her? She could explain the phrase "top candidates" to them!)