Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Votes and Predictions for Election Day

These are my votes and predictions for Election Day, November 2nd.


My Vote: None. Leaving it blank.

My Prediction: Jerry Brown wins by a 54-46 margin.

Analysis: I have mentioned before in my blog posts that I am no fan or either Brown or Whitman. The reason that Jerry Brown wins is that he has a lifetime of experience in the political arena. There are people in California that have been voting for him for 30 years. Extreme liberals, Socialists, Union members, Teachers unions...they will all get out the vote and Brown will win.
I mentioned in a previous blog how Whitman was a bad candidate. No history and no real depth to her support. She doesn't have the deep ties necessary to win a big office. She's just a checkbook and a campaign. Candidates need to have more than money... they need to have character and integrity. Meg becomes a historical footnote. First candidate to ever spend over $100 million of her own money on a campaign ... and lose.


My Vote: None. Leaving it blank.

My Prediction: Gavin Newsom wins easily. 58-37

Analysis: Newsom made a big mistake by overreaching and running for Governor. However, stepping back and taking the number 2 spot just might make him a Democratic Presidential contender in the future. I can't stand Newsom, but he is well liked by liberal Democrats. The gay marriage champion will be just one 72 year old heartbeat away from running this State. That's just great. The painful thing for me is that I can't even vote against him. Abel Maldonado is a treacherous snake who betrayed voters by "flipping" and voting along with the Democrats for tax raises. Many Republicans are secretly hoping that Maldonado crashes and burns. And with that type of support from his friends, burn he will.


My Vote: Undecided. I'm 50-50 on leaving it blank. But I hate Boxer so much I might slip....

My Prediction: Fiorina wins in an upset. 52-48. Even though Fiorina is a RINO, Boxer has done nothing of value in Washington. People see Boxer as a rubber stamp vote for Obama, and in an attempt to change Washington, they will send Carly Fiorina to the Senate. Fiorina had good TV ads and was more telegenic than Boxer, who looked and sounded old and tired.


My Vote: Steve Cooley.

My Prediction: Steve Cooley. 55-45. My lock pick of the night.

Analysis: Cooley is a better candidate than Kamala Harris, who couldn't keep illegal criminals out of her jobs program in San Francisco. Cooley is a tough Republican, and voters trust that type of man to run the law enforcement agency top spot.


19 - No
20- Yes
23 - Yes