Sunday, November 14, 2010

3 new challengers for The Dark Lord

Lord Voldemort (a.k.a. City Council Member Paul Krekorian) was looking forward to an uncontested run to another term as City Council Member for Council District 2... an area he carpetbagged into from Burbank in a naked act of political aggression and hypocrisy.

After having just been elected to the State Assembly from the Burbank area, Krekorian gave his voters the old middle finger salute and took off for the more comfy confines of "The Horseshoe" in the Los Angeles City Hall Council Chambers.

I had been a bit depressed that no challengers seemed interested in facing him, but now I have new hope.

Community Activist Michael McCue, Businessman Augusto Bisani, and Disability Advocate Ayinde Jones have all filed papers to begin the preliminary process of challenging Krekorian in the March Primary election.

I'll be happy to give detailed profiles of all of them when time allows.

It will be extremely difficult to stop the Dark Lord, but I am glad that they are trying.