Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Conference of Rivals

Big news for our readers as TJR announces some exclusive information for those who follow Los Angeles City politics. I have initiated contact with most of the other candidates who are running for City Council in Council District 4. Why did I contact my rivals? Let me explain....

It all started with an email from Mark Staufer, the campaign manager of Tomas O'Grady, who had suggested we get together in a friendly manner before the campaign begins. I thought it was a nice gesture and suggested we expand the idea to include the others running for the same spot. He quickly agreed.

My first phone call to Tomas O'Grady started out a little prickly, as Tomas had not enjoyed some of the critical comments I had made about him in the media, including here at TJR.
"Fair enough", I said in response, but I quickly explained to Tomas that as a City Council candidate, he is going to face a certain amount of criticism during the campaign. Not just from me.
I told him not to take it too personally. It's just a part of politics.

We smoothed things over and spent time talking about what we face in common: a battle against Tom LaBonge, a member of the entrenched, protected political class. A man who will earn several million dollars in pension money from the taxpayers of Los Angeles.

We agreed that incumbent Council Members are rarely defeated and that it might be a good idea for all the candidates to turn their fire on Tom LaBonge, instead of each other. We thought a conference of rivals with a strategy session might be a good idea. O'Grady graciously offered to host it as his home.

Most of the candidates have been contacted and have agreed to this meeting.
Should be interesting. Kind of like the scene in the movie "The Godfather" where the five families hold a meeting to discuss their grievances.

I would like to state publicly that I have no grudges against any of the other candidates.
While I am trying to defeat them, I do not view them as the primary enemy.
They did not help bankrupt this City. Tom LaBonge did.

And I would suggest to all the candidates who are trying to unseat a sitting Council Member that a conference of rivals in the other Districts might also be a good idea.

If the meeting goes well, maybe I'll throw in my best Brando impersonation and say ...

"And let me say... that I swear upon the souls of my grandchildren....that I will not be the one to break the peace we have made here today."