Sunday, November 7, 2010

70,194 Dangerous Enemies of Freedom....

... voted for Communist Agitator Carlos Alvarez to be the Governor of California!

And with more mail-in votes being counted, that number might rise to 75,000. Maybe 80,000.

Carlos Alvarez was one of my opponents in the 2009 Mayoral Election.

Alvarez is an admitted Socialist, but it would be more accurate to call him a Communist rabble-rouser.
If you see the above photo, he's fond of showing up at street protests to incite angry mobs.

His incendiary rhetoric during the Mayoral campaign including a lot of Socialist demands.

Full employment. No cutbacks on Social Services.
Free education, free health care.
Invalidate Prop 8. Legalize Gay marriage.
Cut funding to and disarm the LAPD.

With all this nonsensical rhetoric, it's easy to see why he finished near the bottom of the Mayor's race and finished dead last in the Gubernatorial election of 2010.

I mentioned before in a previous blog post that Carlos Alvarez is no threat to anyone as a political candidate. However, if there is ever a violent breakdown in society -- some type of revolution or chaos -- then dangerous people like Carlos Alvarez are the type of people who come to power.

70,194 votes.

That's an army of Socialists that would fill 3/4 of the Rose Bowl.

It gives me the chills just to think about that.