Monday, November 29, 2010

Do we really need this many clowns on City Council?

Just how in the hell did we end up with so many bumbling clowns on our City Council?
Who is voting for these pinheads?!!

Among the low-lites on Council last week....

Richard Alarcons addiction to Middle Eastern Hummus caused a voting foul up. Alarcon said " there was a logjam at the hummus container" and he could not get back to his seat in time to vote.

The Cat Whisperer Paul Koretz says he accidentally voted the wrong way and asked to change his vote to a "No".

The embattled Councilman from CD 14, Jose Huizar, voted no, then yes, then no again on a DWP issue at hand.

Janice Hahn proposed an oil tax, but then the refinery operators in her district told her to shut up.

Because of the nature of the votes on these ballot issues, with many votes going 8-6, 7-7, and 8-7, all of them might get thrown out in some future legal action because of the status of currently indicted Councilman Richard "Fredo" Alarcon.

I never asked for the criminals Alarcon and Cardenas to be voting on things that concern my future.

And, as a side note...I think some of the staffers at City Hall need to be fired.
Each Council Member gets to hire 15 staff members. How is it possible these staffers can't read the days agenda and prepare crib notes for our "challenged" Council Members, telling them which way to vote on every issue??

The Dark Lord has some issues, too.

I sent him an email 315 days ago ...still waiting for a response. Evidently, he has no staffers who understand how to use a computer.