Thursday, November 11, 2010

Non-Veteran Irishman grandstands on Veterans Day

Tomas O'Grady, an Irishman who seeks to become a Los Angeles City Council Member in 2011, decided to make Veterans Day his own issue, even though he never spent a single day in our Armed Forces.

As a Veteran myself, I find his grandstanding and political opportunism a little offensive.

O'Grady is supported by a former Marine named David Weiss.
The L.A Times says that Weiss lives in Newport Beach, California.... about 45 miles from Los Angeles.


I live in Los Angeles, but I don't feel the need to go traipsing down to Orange County and telling the City leaders in Newport Beach how to run their city. I wonder why Weiss feels the uncontrollable urge to meddle in Los Angeles politics.

This You Tube video, which starts out talking about Veterans Day, eventually reveals itself to just be a campaign ad for O'Grady. One that is in poor taste, I might add.