Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm in.

Count me in for the 2011 City Council Election. I'll be trying to take out part of the entrenched political class.
Tom LaBonge has been lurking around City Hall for 20 years. And what good has that done anyone?

Other notes.....

I'm glad to see that the "Little Rooster" Herb Wesson has five challengers already. On the first day!
Clearly, his voters aren't feeling well represented.

Tamar Galatzan is back for more. She's famous enough from her run for CD 2 that she will probably easily be re-elected. Even though she's a lefty, I like Tamar.

My buddy Joe Essavi is making a run for the Board of Trustees. I wish him all the best.

"Big Money" Mitch Englander was a no-show on the first day to declare, although I have no doubt he will make an appearance.

Bicycle Boy and Eco-Warrior in CD4 didn't show up either. But I am sure they will, also.

I don't like my name being so close to Krekorians on that City Clerk document.
I feel the pull of his extremely Dark Magic.....