Friday, November 26, 2010

Did the marijuana community get their revenge on Cooley/Nuch?

During Thanksgiving dinner I had some interesting political conversations with people who are active and knowledgeable about Los Angeles City politics.

One of the subjects that came up was Steve Cooleys disheartening loss to Kamala Harris in the Attorney General race. It is still a sore spot for me, because friends of mine in that campaign had a wonderful opportunity to do some great things up in Sacramento. Now, it appears, that will not happen.

Some of the dinner guests brought up an interesting tidbit. Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization concept, went down to defeat. Surprisingly, many people in the marijuana community voted against it, becuse they felt it was poorly worded and wasn't the right way to do things. Some of the dispensary owners and distributors voted against it because they felt it put their business model in jeopardy.

However, from what I am told, the medical marijuana activists got out there and blasted out hundreds of thousands of emails to their contacts to tell them to get out there and vote against Steve Cooley and for Kamala Harris.

So, the question remains. Did the marijuana community get their revenge on Steve Cooley? And in a roundabout way, did they also get revenge on Carmen Trutanich? Trutanich was a pretty safe bet to run for and win the District Attorney seat that was going to be vacated with a Cooley victory.
Did the marijuana crowd beat a path to the polls to get revenge on "Nuch"?

I don't know...but I am hearing things...

The two facts don't seem to go together. If marijuana haters voted against 19, wouldn't those same people also vote for Steve Cooley, (who was far superior to criminal-coddling Kamala Harris) ?

I think it would be a good idea for some of the major media to investigate this odd duality of results in this election.