Friday, November 19, 2010

Krekorian in theaters nationwide today!

For those of you who are interested in dark entertainment, you can plunk down $14 in theaters nationwide today to see the celluloid version of the embodiment of pure evil. A demonic, powerful force driven to destroy everything he sees, Lord Voldemort has returned.

For those of you who prefer the live-action version, you can also stop by Los Angeles City Hall and see City Councilman Paul Krekorian at work in City Council chambers.

For my money, the Krekorian version is more frightening.

The quote from Krekorian in the Times article that chills my blood:

"This is an important source of revenue that we should be taking" , said Councilman Paul Krekorian.

So, regardless of the fact that big oil companies spend billions locating, extracting, refining, and transporting petroleum products to market, the little Communist Krekorian feels he is entitled to steal more of their money from them.... because he is an elected official.

I've said it before. Krekorian is Voldemort. He always has been.

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In other news ....

I've been thinking about doing a big interview with Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd about their fight for freedom against Los Angeles City officials. I don't think street performances at Venice Beach are really a big deal, but the bigger story here is an aggressive, outrageous City government that feels they can shred the Constitution and dictate every detail of the lives of others. On this issue, I'm with Dogg/Dowd.
Good luck to them with their recovery in their lawsuit judgement.

I've also been hearing about the dirty politics going on in CD 14 right now. No, not from Red Spot/Scott Johnson. I'm tight with some big players in the District and what I'm hearing is incredible. Bribes, threats, extortion, corruption. It would make a great movie. It seems that Jose Huizar is terrified of losing and the shadowy forces who support him are offering all types of free candy to people in CD 14 to re-elect him. Some of the offers I've heard would be very difficult to turn down.

Great news today for freedom lovers in Los Angeles. The street performers who arrive on Hollywood Boulevard every day to entertain visitors have been victorious in court. A Federal judge has squashed the freedom-stealing City of Los Angeles and declared that these street performers have protected First Amendment rights. I'm not sure their street performance is actually speech, but my general guideline is that if they aren't bothering anyone, then leave them alone. If someone gets too aggressive with a tourist, then deal with it on an individual basis. Don't punish everyone for the acts of one bad apple.

I knew a guy named Max who played Batman on Hollywood Boulevard. He asked people for a $5 tip for posing for a photo with them. They didn't have to pay him, but most did. One day I talked to him at Shelleys Cafe and saw him counting his money. It was August and he had been busy. He had made over $500 that day.

It made me think that I'm in the wrong business. I don't make half that much every day.