Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meg Whitman : The GOP Destroyer

I'm a bit angry about how everything went down in this election cycle in California.
Meg Whitmans poor performance in the Gubernatorial race may have sunk every Republican candidate all the way down the State ticket.
As of the writing of this blog, Attorney General candidate Steve Cooley is about 50,000 votes behind Kamala Harris and things are not looking good.
That's just great.
Now we can have a death-penalty opposing, illegal immigrant-coddling Socialist in our top spot for legal enforcement in California. The inmates will be running the asylum soon, it appears.

Why did Meg Whitman have to run for Governor and destroy our chances statewide?
I don't know.
Egomania? Delusions of grandeur?
She was choosing to run against Jerry Brown, the pre-selected Democrat who had already served as Governor of California, so he didn't have to argue his qualifications for the job. He had already done it.
A dangerous opponent, indeed.

Sure, Whitman had a lot of money to spend. That impressed some people.

Not me.

So Whitman got lucky working at Ebay when internet auction sites didn't exist.
When Ebay took off, she made a fortune in stock options.
But so did 100 other CEOs when the internet exploded and became an influential force in the American economy. It didn't make them great political leaders with vision, integrity, and character.

Whitman was a unprincipled RINO. She stood for nothing.
That meant she would compromise on anything once in office.
Not my type of leader. Not the right leader for our party.

Whitman also had a horrible record when it came to political involvement.
28 years of not voting? Are you kidding me?
That shows hypocrisy and an incredible lack of character.
Voters smelled a loser and Whitman got beat. Badly.

I place part of the blame on the California GOP.
The CA GOP needs to analyze every race in advance and try to figure out how to get good, solid principled candidates with strong resumes to run in elections.

Our candidate for Governor should have been someone with a long history of being elected to sequentially higher offices. Not a hobbyist who decides that being Governor would be "fun".