Friday, November 5, 2010

American voters reject Socialism, California voters display stupidity

It has been a rough few nights for me since Election Day. Let's get to the damage....

Overall, I was quite overjoyed at the massive success of the Republican Party nationwide.
65 seats in Congress is the beginning of the end for the Obama Agenda.

Congress can now launch investigations into the criminal behavior of some of those on the left.
Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters...etc, etc... the usual suspects.

2010 was only the first wave. Republicans will retake the Senate in 2012 along with the White House.
American voters have woken up to the fact that electing a Socialist as President wasn't such a hot idea after all.

(A Socialist steals your money and assets with a vote at the ballot box. A Communist steals your money and assets by pointing a gun in your back. All Socialists are just Communists who haven't started to use real force yet.)

I am ecstatic that some solid leaders are headed to Washington.

I was totally crushed by the fact that voters in California continue to display stupidity.
Criminals are routinely re-elected here.

I wasn't distressed by the loss of Meg Whitman. I had never supported her and didn't vote for her.
Thankfully, this spells the end of the short political career of that RINO.
She managed to drag Carly Fiorina down with her. I doubt the two will be friends in the future.

My lock pick of the night, Steve Cooley, a far superior candidate for Attorney General, is struggling, and might actually lose if the mail-in ballots don't cover his 1% election night deficit.

And voters in the 28th State Senate race rejected my friend John Stammreich in favor of Jenny Oropeza, who is currently six feet underground. Only in California.....