Thursday, February 10, 2011

CPAC 2011 - Day 1

A brief update from the morning session. There are some photos available on my Facebook page. I am able to take pictures and upload them with my cell phone, but having trouble getting my cameras SD card to work in the hotel computer available in the lobby.

Michele Bachmann in the morning leadoff was great. A lot of rah-rah cheerleading for Republican causes. She was loved by the crowd.

I was particularly impressed by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.
Not a 100 on the charisma scale, but instead a hard working businessman who felt his country was in danger from Socialism. He's great. Might be our guy for 2012.

Congresswoman Kristi Noem was also powerful. She told a dramatic story about how her family almost lost their ranch when her father was killed in an accident on their farm. Estate taxes almost bankrupted them.

"We didn't know how Washington worked... and we didn't care" she said, drawing cheers.

I already voted in the CPAC Straw Poll for President in 2012.
Again, I voted for Governor Rick Perry of Texas.
But this year, they had a second choice question.
I voted Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Look for updates on my Twitter and Facebook.

Back to the ballroom.