Saturday, February 5, 2011

500 posts at The Jennerjahn Report

500?!! Wow.

And this is from a guy who initially didn't want to be a blogger.

When I started The Jennerjahn Report in April of 2009, just after my defeat in the Los Angeles Mayoral election, I never predicted I would still be doing this in 2011. I had a few things I wanted to say to the media about their lack of fair coverage in that election. I'm still a little pissed off about it. Most media sources wouldn't even print our names until two weeks before the election. I remember walking into the LA Times office downtown the day I qualified for the ballot. I asked to be interviewed. They said that they "didn't have anyone around who could do that".

Classic. But that shows how low the LA Times has sunk. They are virtually worthless now.
Free ads on Craigslist are wiping out their business model.

There are several people in this City who wish I had never become a blogger.
Richard Alarcon, Paul Krekorian, and Antonio Villaraigosa, to name a few.
There are probably others.
Judy Price and Lisa Sarkin will never forget me as long as they live.
That is a fact.

I think I have raised my profile in case I run for public office again in the near future.
I think it is almost a certainty that I will make another run at some point.

If I win elected office, I'll give up blogging. I'll be too busy.

In honor of hitting 500 blog posts, I proudly present my Top 10 List.

Top 10 blog posts on The Jennerjahn Report

May 2009

I enjoyed describing the sad end of the political career of Jack Weiss. But this post also brought the blogging vengeance of our local furry nut, Mary Cummins.

July 2009

An unintentional slip-up by Chris Essel provides rich comedy material

Sept 2009

Great forum. Fun to watch

Oct 2009

Fun to expose Krekorian as a hot-headed egomaniac. Photo is a classic.

Jan 2010

Future inmate Richard Alarcon. Mario Puzo would love this.

July 2010

Everyone wanted to know where he went. I found out.

Aug 2010

Koretz will own this nickname for the rest of his life.

Aug 2010

I like Netanyahu. Wish we had more people like him.

Aug 2010

This one might have made me a pariah in the GOP, but this blog post got tons of hits and cross posts. I think a lot of other people felt the same way.

Sept 2010

"I ain't payin' no thousand bucks to meet no Meg Whitman!"