Sunday, February 13, 2011

CPAC 2011 - Day 3 / Sunday

The final day of CPAC is traditionally a little less powerful than the others. Some people just can't take three straight days of Conservative politics and choose to head home early.

Also, the early morning sessions on Saturday are not seen as prime time opportunities, being as some of the crowd choose to go out drinking and partying on Friday night. "Hangover Saturday", as it is called at CPAC, often begins with the sessions being lightly attended. However, by the time noon rolls around, they expect most attendees to be awake.

Powerful Conservative commentator Ann Coulter is traditionally one of the biggest draws at CPAC. She proved true to form as she packed the ballroom. The line was hundreds of people long outside the door. People who attend CPAC enjoy listening to her skewer liberals and their ideas.

Ann was a little controversial herself this year as she said that gays should be included in the Republican Party. Some in attendance didn't care for that statement.

She made some funny jokes, including one where she said that she was a "friend of the gays" because they had a lot in the common. They often liked "The same music, the same drinks, and quite often the same men!". That line drew big laughs, even at a Conservative conference.

My favorite part of her presentation was her slam on Mitt Romney during the question and answer session. Coulter was asked about the 2012 candidates, and thought about her answer. She said "If we don't run Chris Christie, Mitt Romney will run and he will lose."

Several Romney fans responded by booing her. Most of the crowd just sat there in shock. It was a surprisingly candid remark, and I liked the honesty of it. (I also think Romney is the wrong candidate due to his flexible stances on multiple issues)

Colonel Allen West closed out the ceremonies with a powerful speech. Two years ago he attended CPAC as a concerned citizen. One year ago he attended CPAC as a Congressional candidate. ( I met Colonel West at CPAC 2010). Saturday was his third trip to CPAC... as a United States Congressman. Florida is lucky to have a man of his quality and character working for them in Washington.

Saturday night I listened in to the radio show "LA Saturday Night" on . The show is run by Frank Sheftel and David Hernandez.
Even though I think he's making some bad editorial decisions at his famous Mayor Sam blog, guest host Mike Higby continues to impress as a show host, commentator, and interviewer.
The show featured Rudy Martinez, who might be the City of Los Angeles' only hope to defeat a sitting City Council Member. Martinez has poured a lot of his own money into the race, and has Jose Huizar running scared and causing campaign-killing errors.
I didn't want to interrupt the show, because Huizars defeat is more important than any commentary I had to make, but I did get on for about 2 minutes near the end of the show.

Today, Sunday, I chose to run around DC and have fun. I went to the Marquette-Georgetown basketball game. Got a ticket in the first row outside the Verizon Center five minutes before the game started. The Hoya student section was fun to watch. I also went to eat at the famous Ben's Chili Bowl diner ( it's kind of like Pink's here in L.A. ) -- fantastic food. I ate there last year because it was recommended by locals. They didn't steer me wrong.

After that I went for a walk around the Lincoln Memorial and the White House.
I thought about calling 911 and reporting an intruder at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but I realized that the Secret Service would probably fail to see the humor in my commentary.
So I didn't do it.

I have a flight out of Baltimore in the morning.

Back in L.A. , I'll be attending some City Council forums for the March election.

Stay tuned for an epic post-CPAC blog post:

"How Rick Perry crushed my dreams".