Monday, February 7, 2011

Huizar struggling, Trujillo fired

Every other blog in town has been talking about it, so I figure I might as well throw in my two cents.

Mike Trujillo got fired from the Jose Huizar campaign for dropping a nasty little email on fellow campaign staffers. The email included some very negative imagery and sending it to 28 people was a poor decision by Trujillo.

My spin on this is that I don't think it was a smart thing to do, but everyone makes mistakes.

I think Huizar over-reacted, but that is because his campaign is struggling.
If he were really up by 44 points (as he claimed in his now-infamous silly email ), then he wouldn't be worried about the Trujillo gaffe at all. He could sit back and laugh if he were up by 44 points.

But he isn't.

Huizar is coming dangerously close to losing this election, what with the idiotic "enemies list" story making headlines, and now this.

Huizar responds by screaming that "Rudy Martinez had a police badge!!"....
That isn't getting him anywhere with voters.
They care about constituent services and having communication with their Councilman.
Huizar has done a poor job of it -- by pilfering the CLARTS money to pay excessive salaries to questionably talented staff members.

Huizar is still ahead. Incumbency is powerful.
But Martinez has him on the ropes and is raining body blows on him.

Huizar is praying that Election Day will get here before things get any worse.