Monday, February 21, 2011

LFIA video , part 2

Here is the second part of the video for the debate/forum held at the Autry for the election for City Council, District 4.

A few related comments and timer code....

8:30 La Bonge asks to "bring up the house lights" so he can name drop a guy named "Saul" and seek praise from the audience. He goes on to completely ignore the question posed to him, an old school politician trick. He also directs some pointed comments at Tomas O'Grady. I think O'Gradys hard work on the campaign trail is making him nervous.

14:40 O'Grady "We can pay for the (Park) Ranger, we just need to get rid of these people who are doing nothing". It's a very good line. Very effective contrast to La Bonge.

16:10 Box has a very good riff on "plans" and how they sometimes don't work out. The audience laughs , yet La Bonge just sits there -- emotionless and humorless. These are dangerous qualities for a political figure to have.

20:10 Uh oh...some NIMBY noise out of O'Grady. I don't like hearing that.

22:10 La Bonge uses the phrase "old timers" and immediately regrets it. Lesson learned.

23:10 Note to moderators: Don't wait for the last ten minutes to ask questions.

27:30 La Bonge does some more name-dropping and cheerleading. His trademark.

32:50 In a surprise move, Box thanks La Bonge for his 35 years of service. The applause is the only time La Bonge shows any reaction. Box hints at the fact that it is time for La Bonge to go.

37:00 La Bonge says "This is not a City of ruin...!"

Not so fast, Tom La Bonge!! You and the other Council Members have helped bankrupt this joint. We just won't see the total devastation until after you are gone.