Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trouble Brewing at RPLAC & State Convention

Well, I don't like having to re-tell this story, but here it goes....

Former RPLAC Chair Linda Boyd has become a problem for the party. She doesn't know how to take an election loss with any dignity and grace, and she shouldn't be involved with the leadership of the party anymore.

Back in 2008, at the scheduled organizational meeting of RPLAC, Linda Boyd and Jane Barnett found out early that they didn't have the votes or support necessary to win the called-for election of County officers. In a huff, they stormed out of the meeting. This fact alone indicates to me that they lack the maturity necessary to be leaders. The election was held, and new officers took over the County Party.

Months later, in what has become known as "May 14th", Barnett, Boyd and others came storming back into power. They pulled off a "beer hall putsch" by charging into the meeting with supporters and angrily demanding to vote out every officer that had been elected in December. As they were the only ones who had knowledge of this maneuver beforehand, they had the numbers... violated the rules and regulations, and seized power.

The result of this was a lawsuit filed by those who had been elected to two year terms in December of 2008. The legal bill for this action is over $100,000 and counting.

Now comes word of this....

A younger crowd of Republicans has decided to move on with new leadership. At the scheduled February meeting, the Committee voted to endorse Adam Abrahms as our candidate for State Regional Vice Chair for Southern California. Unfortunately, Linda Boyd is also running for this position, and -- as witnessed in the past -- she cannot take defeat without reverting to highly unusual machinations.

Word is spreading that Linda is having Jane Barnett "pack" the committees with sudden and unusual appointments just before the trip to the State Convention later this month. The goal is to improve the numbers supporting her and to steal the election from Adam Abrahms.

I can't say for certain this is 100% accurate, but my sources swear that another dirty maneuver is underway at RPLAC.

Will Linda Boyd steal the election from Adam Abrahms? Maybe.
Jane Barnett very recently made some unusual and unneccessary appointments to fill committee vacancies at a highly questionable time. This tends to lead me to believe my sources are correct.

And from all the angry emails flying around ...others are not too happy about it, either.