Monday, February 28, 2011

Jose Huizar: Poverty Pimp

I am receiving disturbing reports from friends who are active in the CD 14 election campaign.

The latest skinny?

Jose Huizar associates are going around in the housing projects promising that everyone getting their low rent/free ride will continue to get a good deal... if Huizar is re-elected. Huizar will "protect" their status like some type of "Barrio Godfather" if he is re-elected.

The not-so-subtle threat to these poverty-stricken people is that if Rudy Martinez is elected, he will be a tool of developers who will trash the housing projects to build something else.

Rumors, panic, fear-mongering... subtle threats and intimidation.
But intimidating people who are desperate to hold onto what little they have... wow... a new low in this campaign.
In Los Angeles politics, you always come to expect the worst in people.... and Huizar is setting a new standard.

Jose Huizar is a "Poverty Pimp", who is hoping to achieve success off the backs of those who have nothing.

I hope Rudy Martinez sends Jose Huizar into the ranks of the unemployed on March 8th.