Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finally, a good video from Stephen Box!

This is video of the event I blogged about a few days ago. The Los Feliz Improvement Association debate/forum held at the Autry.

A few notes... and the timer code...

4:28 When applauding the people who held the event, Tom La Bonge only gives "one clap". I guess he's cool... like Randy Moss.

9:54 Box delivers the first of many good speeches. He says he found an error and saved the City $7 million dollars? He's already better than Tom La Bonge!

14:00 Tom La Bonge delivers his typical rambling nonsense about the City instead of defending his record. The Observatory was built in 1935... blah, blah, blah .... Yes on "L"? No way in hell!

18:50 Tomas talks about how "America has worked for me". I liked that part. Watch around the 20-21 minute mark as Tom La Bonge gives this creepy, unsmiling stare into the audience. Weird.

23:30 Allison Cohen Ferraro praises Tomas O'Grady before even the first question can be asked.

27:30 One of my favorite lines in the video. Allison asks Stephen if he wants her to repeat the question. Stephen says "no". Brilliant! Stephen doesn't need to be reminded what subject they are talking about. So different from Tom La Bonge at City Hall.

37:10 O'Grady slams La Bonge for being a photo-op politician. La Bonge gets pissed off and chews him out. La Bonge turns it into a pep rally for himself. He makes a wise crack about Tomas being wealthy. He also embarrasses Albert Torres and tells a huge room full of people that Albert failed a Civil Service exam. (I'm sure Albert had this extreme public humiliation somewhere on his to-do list in life.)

40:00 Box gives a really great answer on parking.

46:20 La Bonge loses my vote forever with his fawning praise of Karen Bass and Diane Watson. Bass and Watson are vile and repugnant Communist worshippers who have no business serving in elected office.

48:25 Allison praises Tomas O'Grady again. Do I spot a trend here?

52:00 Allison gives Tomas extra time to answer a question. Hmm.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this video on the next blog post.